loud noise on 2001 Chrysler Sebring

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i have had my car for about 2 years and it has always had this rough sound when it starts up. when the car is warm it goes away. i have changed all the gaskets and sometimes it feels like its not getting power. has anyone had this problem
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A "rough sound" on a cold start is difficult to advise on with out hearing the type of sound associated. However, here are a couple of possibilities. I noticed you live on the East coast with extreme cold weather at this time. (1) Belt noise due to moisture and ice formation on the belts. Check the condition and tension of the belts as age will cause them to crack. (2)make sure you are using the proper grade engine oil for your specific climate conditions and that the oil level is full. (3) Oil filter drain back, causing a tapping noise in the engine until oil circulates through out th engine, Filter replacement usually corrects this. (4) Piston slap, caused by the piston rocking in the bore (not detrimental to engine, but annoying), extreme cold will "shrink pistons". They will expand as they warm up reducing noise as will oil circulation aid in lubricating the cylinders. If the noise has "always" been there, it may be a normal characteristic of your vehicle.