Loud, helicopter like noise, with a little kick. on 2006 Nissan Altima

The best way I can describe the problem, is while I'm driving it sounds like a helicopter is above me... When I first heard the noise, I actually had to roll my window down and look overhead, when I realized it was my car making the noise and not a helicopter, I figured something was up.
The kick issue, happens only sometimes and it's more when I accelerate, or go up a little incline. It sounds like the engine jumped under the hood...
Car has approx. 140k +\- miles, if that makes a difference. Still runs like a beast though.

Thanks for the help.

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If the helicopter is following you any time the car is in motion but not when stopped,, have the front hub bearings checked for the noise and a scan test to see if engine has a misfire for the "kick". Check engine light on or been on?
No, on the check engine light. I was told to check motor mounts for the kick.. Does that sound like a possibility? it was just a guess from a friend of a friend so who knows.
The helicopter is only when I am in motion....given, that it does seem to sound louder than the norm. when just idLed.
Really too many possibulities to do more guessing at it online. Probably your best choice is have a mechanic check it out hands-on.