loud engine on 2001 BMW 330i

my engine is getting loud. Thier is also a loud ticking sound while the engine is running, it also is hesitating to acclerate when i hit the gas. what is wrong??

by in Manchester, CT on February 28, 2009
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ANSWER by , June 28, 2010
Go to Walmart and buy Chevron Techron Fuel injector cleaner. Pour it in when your almost ready to fill up with gas, and then fill your gas tank with premium fuel. Your car will run like new again. Just tried this stuff today on my car. Paid $12 for it and my car has some punch to it now. Really makes a difference for less $$
COMMENT by , October 02, 2012
I like your answer and will try it today!
ANSWER by , August 01, 2010
With that series there's an issue with the VANOS system whose symptoms sound quite a bit like that. The car will run louder rougher, will get poorer gas mileage, and will hesitate below 2-3k RPM but especially off the line. The seals used in the system are made of a material that will only hold up to temperatures of 100F and that is known to deteriorate under prolonged exposure to synthetic oils (which is exactly what should be running in your motor). BMW will only replace these seals with the same thing and you'll be looking at the same problems creeping up after a couple years. Go to: http://www.beisansystems.com/procedures/vanos_procedure.htm for a better breakdown of the issue and repair. This company offers a kit that includes seals made out of the material that should have been used in the first place. The kit is relatively cheap and FAR cheaper than it would cost you to have a shop tear into your valvetrain.
COMMENT by , August 02, 2010
The Beisan Systems vanos repair kit is excellent and does the job. Dealers won't install it though, better seek out an independent specialist.
ANSWER by , September 02, 2009
I like munkyrench's answer, but you don't mention if the check engine light is on or not. An exhaust leak knocking the O2 sensor far enough off to cause a hesitation should be setting some codes.
ANSWER by , March 24, 2010
i just had my '06 330i 50k miles in the shop for the same reason. bmw has a "tsb" (technical service bulliten) out for this problem. i had to have the exhaust lifters & push rods replaced in the engine. they are known for this model to have this problem frmo the factory. guess a "tsb" is bmw's term for recall.
COMMENT by , June 29, 2010
"tsb" = Technical Service Bulletin. It is information to help solve a technical issue which may be related to general service and repair subjects, or may specify a "Service Action" to be performed on certain cars that come into the dealership, or it might be a... "Recall." Recall is a dirty word for manufacturers, a "service action" is voluntary.
COMMENT by , July 11, 2010
I had the same thing done last week to my 06 330xi. BMW replace 12 exhaust lifters.
ANSWER by , March 04, 2009
Sounds like you are starting to get an exhaust leak, possibly at the exhaust manifold. This would account for the noise, and it could also be interfering with the O2 sensor readings, causing the hesitation.
ANSWER by , December 05, 2010
I had a loud ticking noise in my 2003 330i that became noticeable at about 50,000 miles. The BMW dealer's initial remedy for this problem was to replace all the belts, which made a difference for a while. But there was still a soft ticking noise that could be heard at idle that became more pronounced over time. Eventually, I took it back to the same dealer. This time, they concluded that the noise was coming from the oil pump, which they replaced. Was it really the oil pump making that noise? I can't be certain, but I do know that whatever repairs they made banished the noise completely, and it hasn't returned. An oil pump failure could be a serious and very costly problem, so I'd urge you to give this possibility careful consideration, too. I experience the same hesitation problem with hard acceleration from a standstill in my 2003 330i, and answer #5 ("Best Answer") is therefore of great interest. I'll have a mechanic look into this, or I might even do it myself. Thank you for raising this issue!