lost only key, need ignition removed for locksmith on 2000 Ford Explorer

is this a simple job

Asked by for the 2000 Ford Explorer
No it is not, you need a mechanic with the skill and tools for this! Locksmith or you can program a new key with transponder chip after it has been cut to fit! How about a mobile locksmith? Fix it at your place.
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yes but kinda expensive because the new key has to be flashed. This is done so the computer and anti theft can recognize the key.
There are lots of ways to do it. Try removing upper and lower steering column cover for accessing the ignition switch, there will be two anti tamper screws out there you will have to use a pointy punch to turn them out. Or else you can contact a locksmith like or other present nearby in your area that specializes in auto keys. They can either repair it or make a replacement key instantly at very reasonable cost.