lost of chip inside the key, please what is the next thing?. on 2005 Honda Accord Hybrid

the key fell on the ground and the case got broken, we lost the chip.

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If you have a spare key it should work. If not, your vehicle will need to be towed to a repair shop that can make and program a new key. Commonly a visit to the dealer is required for this type of repair.
Tanks so much, i will do exactly as you said.
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you need to copy a new one key, for your car, you can use the sbb key.
Before running SBB key programmer, please insert the blank new key into your car keyhole;turn on ignition switch;Insert SBB 16-pin interface into your car OBD2 diagnostic seat. SBB key programmer copies chip according to car model, and it program key not clone key,  it only needs to insert SBB. It is easy to do.