lost all compression on all 4 was running fine..just died on 2006 Toyota Matrix

running along on highway, car was running fine, started slowing down & just died. Heard slight ticking sound.

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Was it low on oil?......
no....and it has only 55,000 miles on it!!
I would be interested to find out what happened when you find out whats wrong with your car also...Good Luck
Thanks.....he's pulling the head off as we write.
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First thing that comes to my mind is the timing chain. Could have jumped time.
My mechanic checked the timing......still in time, just 5-10 lbbs. of compression 4 cylinders.
Has he spayed oil in cylinders and retested for compression? It called a wet compression test.
will do, thanks.
If its does not increase compression with a wet test I suspect a head gasket could have failed. I see that car has had some failures of compession loss due to head gasket fail in a site that we track commom failures of specfic car makes.