loss of power, leaking, stalls and some time problems starting on 1999 Oldsmobile Cutlass

hi im going to start out by saying i got in to an accident my car spun out and slammed in to a snow bank the radiator was totaled but we got that problem fixed but den we noticed that the car was running funny and leaking what looks like transition fluid but not cheack engine light or ANYTHING pop ups... what do u think might be wrong with my car plz let me know and thank you for your time

there are cooler lines for the trans that go to the radiator that may have been damaged. have them checked for dmage and leaking at a shop.

there is also a power steering cooler under the car that may be leaking as well. the fluid could look like trans fluid.

a leak check at a shop is not expensive and is a good place to start to pinpoint the leak.

would any of that give me the issue why i try to accelerate but the car gose slow my rpms go up but it take a long time for my car to get up to speed???