loss of power and check engine light on on 1993 Mazda MX-6

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93 mx6. 116000miles. Check engine light comes on just after start up. Loses lots of power and surges. Occasionally light stays off but mostly it will come Back on after awhile of driving. Just changed fuel filter seems less often that the light stays on or on at start up but still does it. When check engine light is off car runs like a rocket.
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you need to have it diagnosed or at least a code pulled so we can give you some ideas of what might be happening. Greg
i went in a few days after posting that and the shop told me the mass air flow was coming up. also lately on one of the rare times the check engine is off it still kinda cut out. but had regained power. just still was surging. then check engine light comes on. the shop told me the mass air flow being bad could be not letting the injectors open all the way and or work properly. im gonna try replacing the maf and see if that fixes it.