loss of power on 1994 Mercedes-Benz SL600

when starting accelarate to high rpm not all ways disconect air flow meter on passenger side very little change in rpm disconect air fiow meter on driver side rough idle loss of power accelerate fair when park could this be air flow meter issue or stopped up converter

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This is a $4000 repair and it will keep doing it at the most precarious times. It won't "go away." Mine started it 2 weeks after I'd bought it. I wonder how he got it to "suppress" while he was closing the sale with me. I forget what the part is; I must have a record of it someplace. If so, I'll get it to you.

Very embarrassing considering you're driving a Mercedes.
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it is the sign of a bad air flow sensor change it i was having the similar problem on my 93 sl600 disconecting the passenger side was making just a littel change in rpm but driver side was making the rpm go up and down like a rough idle i changed the driver side it didnt do much then i changed the passenger side then it was working fine so i had to changed both of them