LOSS OF POWER on 2007 Toyota Camry

I have a 2007 Toyota Camry with 115611 miles on it the temperature gauge suddenly drops the tachometer goes crazy and the ABS and Brake warning lights come on. what could be the prblem

by in Garnet Valley, PA on June 14, 2014
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ANSWER by on June 14, 2014
Failed alternator , dying battery. Have it checked. That's a first thought. How often has this happened? Any driveability issues?
COMMENT by on June 15, 2014
it happens mostly when I come to a stop, maybe twice in an hour the Tachometer goes up and down then plummets to ZERO while the engine is still running,(shuddering)The brake warning and ABS Lights flash the AC also shuts down.
COMMENT by on June 15, 2014
If it's never left you stranded , with a dead battery , then going by your further description , I would suggest troubleshooting the idle circuit.
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