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Mercedes-Benz E430 Loss of Contact for Brake Light Bulb Holder if Lamp Housings Melt

Mercedes-Benz E430 Problem
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Model Years Affected: 1998, 1999, 2000, 2001, 2002

Average Mileage: 120,049 mi (100,098 mi - 140,000 mi)


Brake lamp housings can melt, resulting in a loss of contact for the brake light bulb holder. If this happens, the brake light will not work. Replacement of the damaged lamp housing should correct this problem.

  • E320 1999 model and e430 2000 same problem poor design plastic not heat resistant

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  • This has to be my problem. I've replaced the bulb several times,works for a while, then get the "lamp defective" warning inn dash

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  •  Rookie

    Where can I find lamp housing because I think that is my problem. I replaced the bulb and it works for awhile, but its occurring more frequently. I've looked on line for the part but I must be calling it something different because when they show a pic of it its not what I am looking for. So tell me where I can find this part, how much, and how difficult is to replace.

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