Loss of Acceleration on 2003 Chevrolet Silverado 1500 HD

Truck started about 2 months ago losing acceleration while driving. You have to pull off road, cut truck off, re-crank --(usually several times) before the engine will rev up and let you drive. Any ideas?? Also the speedometer sometimes works -- but usually stays between 0-20.

by in Columbus, GA on February 02, 2009
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ANSWER by , February 02, 2009
The fault with your speedometer is most likely with the instrument cluster itself - not related to the lack of power. If the speedo fault is internal to the cluster it will need to be sent to a qualified repair shop or repair and reprogramed to your truck after it is reinstalled. Can you give some more information about you lack of power? Is your truck gas or diesel, what is the engine size, and is it 4WD or 2WD?
COMMENT by , February 02, 2009
It's a 6L, 2WD.
COMMENT by , February 02, 2009
You may have a fuel pump that is failing. Try checking the fuel pressure when the fault occurs. The spec should be 55 - 62 psi with the key on and the engine off after priming the system. You should also check for any codes in the power train control module - has the service engine soon light been on? If a falt code is stored, that may lead you to the cause of your problem.
COMMENT by , February 03, 2009
Yes -- the engine light comes on everytime this happens, but will not be on the next time you drive.
COMMENT by , February 04, 2009
When the light comes on, a fault codes should be stored in the computer. I will remain there even if the light is off next time you drive. You will need a scan tool or code reader to access the computer memory. You may need to bring your truck in to a repair shop if you cannot read the codes yourself. The code stored in the computor may lead to the cause of your problem.
ANSWER by , October 29, 2010
I had a prob it would shut my engine to idleand thats all you had, its the Throttle body if its like mine....this year had a prob with that.....feel free to contact me at crowescape@gmail.com. i fought mine for a couple months......- Roy
ANSWER by , December 10, 2009
check your cats it something to do with your exhaust