loss of acceleration on 2004 Hyundai Tiburon

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I've got a 2004 Hyundai Tiburon GT V6 2.7L 172hp engine. I just got an all of a sudden loss in acceleration/power. It is a 5 speed manual, and it has no accel at all. It took me about a minute just to get to 35mph. What can the issue be? Bad spark plug?
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It is hard to accurately diagnose a car over the net, but I can get you started. Did the Check Engine light ever come on? This will be helpful, because there will be a code in your computer that will help lead to the cause of your loss of power problem. 1 spark would be noticed, but on a V6, you should still have a little more power with the other 5 working than you seem to have.

Yes have the computer scanned, just to see if there is record of the problem. Does it feel like your clutch is still good?
the light didnt come on. should i get it read anyway and see if it tells me whats wrong?
I'm not sure whats wrong with your tibby but I can point you to a lot of guys with our cars that might be able to help. Try going to

is a site dedicated to the 03-08 tiburon.
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try 2 punch the cat out cause u could have 2 much back pressure holdin u back.. i just punched mine out an its not doin what yours does anymore
My tib would hold back and skip a little, so I got the tranny flushed. After about a week of the new fluid running my car ran great.
yes or failing/clogged fuel pump. slipping clutch.