loosing fuel pressure when I dont let the car warm up or when I go up hill at 60+ mph on 1994 Ford Crown Victoria

It was taking 2 or 3 trys to start and it would barely move on a cold start (I had to pump the gas peddle to get it going) unless it warmed up for 5+ mins.I changed the fuel filter and now it starts 1st try and runs a little better on cold starts but when I drive 75mph up a steep long hill(normally the car flys up hill) it sudenly looses power. If I floor it the car lunges and still looses power and speed drops to 45-60mph before I get power back then it takes off. Is it my fuel pump going out or something else? Thank you

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ck fuel pressure with a gage
Typically, we do not see Ford fuel pumps doing what you describe- they usually do not start if they are failing. Of course, driving it under a load with a fuel pressure gauge is one of the first things we would do, but I would venture that you are experiencing a lean fuel mixture most probably due to a intermitting failing sensor such as the mass air flow sensor. Do not throw parts at it. Have a shop diagnose it if you do not have the equipment. Guessing usually proves to be more expensive than a proper diagnosis.
You have a bad fuel pump. If you do manage to check fuel pressure, Make sure you have volume also.
I agree with b-glaste, but I also think you could have a bleed down problem at times causing poor pressure consistency. We're talking a 1994 unit here, all bets are off when it comes to fuel pump quality in the Trotman - Nasser era...

I'm thinking to check for an exhaust restriction, perhaps intermittent, also. Do the fuel pressure test first, then check for an exhaust restriction. Best of luck.