Loose power steering pulley on 2000 Chevrolet S10

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i just replaced most of the steering components on my truck excluding the hoses and the pump. I had a loose pulley three months ago where the pump kept riding forward and eating up the belts,and i put a bolt in the shaft with a washer to keep the pulley on. I've been driving it since then with no problems and then today the pulley was riding back and forwards on the shaft the bolt was still tight. can i repair this or do i need to replace the pump
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The pulley is pressed onto the power steering pump shaft. You need a special tool to remove it and another tool to install it. If it's loose, the hole is hogged out and you need a new pulley and maybe the pump too if the shaft is damaged and you can't press a pulley on tightly. It's not supposed to spin or slip, it should be really tight.