loose ground cable on the battery fix that but now turn the key will not start on 2006 Mitsubishi Galant

turn the key lights on dash go crazy will not start

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check battery
try to jump it this morning not a thing just a click head lights at half power all the dash lights came on can lock my doors with my remote key still no horn sound then u lock them
check battery
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Replace battery...... Then test voltage with voltmeter at starter solenoid wire. If starter getting proper voltage and signal , replace starter.
I can t thank u guys enough it was the battery u saved me alot of money I will use this web site again thanks again. Frank
Just to be Frank, I told you to check the battery....thank you for using RepairPal.
Go back and make sure both ends of both the positive and negative cables are clean and tight.
Well at I did that to turn the key don t even turn over and the dash lights go crazy thinking its something electical because even then I lock my doors the horn doesn t even sound
check battery