Land Rover Discovery Problem Report

Land Rover Discovery Exhaust Leak Due to Loose Catalytic Converter Securing Nuts

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And exhaust leak may be caused by catalytic converter securing nuts coming loose.

I also had a exhaust leak. I determined it came from the passenger side and while removing the down pipe nuts near the catalytic converter I found that one was loose, the other broke off, and the third stud and nut was not installed at the factory! I replaced everything, the manifold gaskets and the down pipe gasket. -
this happened to me last week after a little offroading. one of the manifold to catconverter connection bolts completely gone. other two loose and small gap in the pipe caused it to sound like a monster truck. just got a 1/2" socket and tightened the other two back down now its whisper quiet like a new engine..piece of cake. took 2minutes once i found the problem -
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about how much does it cost to replace this? thanks :)