Looks like the timing chain cover is leaking anti-freeze. Is this a DIY problem? on 1999 Chevrolet Lumina

Engine has 143K miles on it. I'm the third owner. Leak is at bottom left of the front of engine, close to firewall on passenger side. If this isn't a DIY problem, how many hours should I expect a competent garage to take to fix it?

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Just a word of caution, make sure that is your leak instead of the water pump that will leak onto the belt and travel.... might be worth another look,...just a thought..
Yeah, thanks pushrod. We checked that out pretty good. Under a pressure test there was a pretty good stream coming out the bottom of the front engine cover. No indication of a leak anywhere around the water pump itself.
Ok, that's cool. It's just not a common problem on this engine. Water pump and intake leaks are! I have been fooled by leaks but if you can it streaming out then that pretty much explains it! Try snugging the bolts up a little more, can't hurt!
yes, I tightening up the bolts to the specifications. It looks like stopped leaking, but recently now I see a small trace of coolant. should I try snugging the bolts up a little more?
Yep, just dont ring them off...... plus a can of Bars leak wont hurt a thing here!
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its a 5.5 hr job but for you maybe 7. might want to have it done and replace timing components at the same time
Thanks Greg, I'm watching a DIY of the job on U-Tube & I agree with your assessment. With a well-stocked/organized garage I might attempt it, but since I'm lacking that at the moment I guess I'll have my normal auto mechanic do the job.
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