looking for answers about a crankshaft position sensor on 1994 Volvo 940

will my volvo cut off after driving for a short while, and sometimes start back up and other times not start until it cools off because of a bad crank position sensor? Plugs, wires, coil and air filter have already been replaced.

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This is a possibility but there are several others as well. Have you checked the diagnostic trouble codes in the fuel or ignition computers?
I yesterday replaced the crankshaft sensor and it runs alot better and longer however the problem still remains. I tried to get the trouble codes, but the red light is only seen at night. It doesnt seem to be working properly, it doesnt even blink after following repair manual instructions. I may have over looked something. What do you think I should do to retrieve a functioning code demonstration? And Thanks for the help!!!!
Try these instructions:
Is the check engine light on?