look at all problems on 1994 Nissan 240SX

look at timming

by in Osceola, WI on January 25, 2011
0 answers
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Ok. Got it 'fixed' yesterday. Out today, came home and now brake lights won't go out at all! Where is the fuse? Where are the associated wires for the brake under the gear shift?
My battery suddenly died a week ago. AAA came out, did a diagnostic, and said that the battery needed replacing. They also checked the alternator and electrical system and declared them fine. N...
Every since I brought the car the speedometer and cluster lights have never worked and I'm tying to found out why and what may be the cause of the problems.I've read that the timing control unit[t...
All of the sudden my driver side window wouldnt roll up. Ive finally forced it up but now it wont roll down. I took the door panel off and looked in there but i cant see much of anything. Whats up ...
Air bag light on and off constantly. How to fix this problem?

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