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Loganville Auto Center
April 28, 2014

As the previous review states - this company will waste your time and money without thinking twice.

I had my car towed to Loganville auto center after receiving an estimate for a small repair. Informing the employee of every single detail of the repair twice (phone calls recorded & forwarded to the BBB), it seems as if the employee left his hearing aid at home. The car was towed to their location on a Friday afternoon, and upon Loganville Auto Center receiving my car, another employee called to ask about its' current condition. Re-informing them for a third time, he pretended to understand. [A mechanic's "pseudo-intellectual manipulation tactic", i'm sure]

- copied verbatim from a How-To tutorial, or Minor Vehicle Repairs for Dummies

After tying up a few hours of my time, handing over $100 for a tow, and after they had my car for 2 days - I receive a call Monday morning "uhhh we ain't workin on this", an elderly, confused, and incompetent employee mumbles. Upon asking why, he replied "we ain't puttin a used radiator in this car". He gave no reasonable explanation as to why, and told me to pick the car up before 5 (I can't - I have a real job, grandpa). I offered to pay more, buy a brand new radiator if it pleased him, or do whatever the nut-job wanted - the entire time responding with "nope". I had the pleasure of speaking to another completely incompetent and emotionally-fueled employee. I explained (paraphrasing) "I was told you would fix my car - I payed to get it towed there - now you're saying you can't fix it, and refuse to offer a reasonable explanation", to which he replied "How is this our fault? We didn't know all the details [the 3 phone calls prove they did in fact know all the details]. If anything, we should charge you for the inspection."

Assuming any of the employees are literate, i'd say they spent their Monday morning flipping through their collection of "Small Repairs for Dummies" books, and browsing through "How-To change a radiator" videos on youtube - only to realize that the books are dated 1984, and they aren't actually connected to the internet.

Offering no refund or valid explanation,- I feel obligated to inform the general public and escalate the matter to the BBB.
I am seeking, but not expecting a refund due to the blatant unprofessionalism, lack of communication between employees, inconsideration of customer's time, and the complete incompetence of every employee I spoke to. Potential customers of this business should be forewarned of these kind of business practices. I've seen more professionalism, customer consideration, communication, and competence at food stands.

To put it into a form the unbelievably daft and incompetent employees will be able to understand:
Say I call the local Hot-Dog stand and ask if they have hot dogs, they reply with "yes" (stupid question, why wouldn't they?) - well I show up and they say "we have hot dogs, but we wont serve you"... "why?".... "because"... "Why would you say had hot-dogs to begin with? Why do you even have a hot-dog stand?"
This, of course, is minuscule in comparison.

To be clear, i'm not upset about the small amount of money lost, i'm upset with how they handled the entire situation - and upset that businesses like this are still able to operate. I can only refer to this company as "a waste". Awful

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