Dodge Ram 1500 Problem Report

Dodge Ram 1500 Locked up WCM May Cause Engine Cranking Problems

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If the engine does not crank (or cranks but won't start), the wireless control module (WCM) may have locked up. This is due to static discharge through the ignition key. A revised model should be installed, but simply disconnecting the negative terminal of the battery for thirty seconds will temporarily reset the module so you can start the car.

this is known problem ,you must use the spare chiped key, alternate use, the chip loses memory. dodge does not know why this is happenning. -
eng. wont crank I can jump starter and it cranks but wont start have disconnected neg. batt and checked all fuzes I can find (under hood) -
Same problem here! It's happened three times so far latest one yesterday 3/1/2011. After owning 4 Dodge trucks and our local Dodge dealer closing down this is the last one I'll ever own. Closest dealer is 122 miles away, truck went for repairs to this dealer last week for a different problem; coil igniter failed causing missfire to cylinder# 6, messed up two spark plugs, had to go get it at my own expense. Sorry Dodge! -
un hooked battery and pulled the pcm fuse for about thirty seconds -
Stopped at the Post Office. Got back in and turned the key....nothing. Radio and lights worked. Came home and read this thread, went back and disconnected the negative battery terminal. Waited a minute and hooked it back up, turned the key and Wahoo! It started up again. Thanks so much for the solution here!! :) -
I've trued every thing that has been said and still nothing. The only other thing diffrent my door look won't in lock with using the key or I have to do manually no electronic. Can some one help -
4-22-15: Wife stopped for gas and truck would not turn over. Lights stayed bright and no relay clicks when she turned the key. Volt meter stayed in the normal range. She jiggled the shifter in park and neutral and no luck.It finally cranked after about an hour of trying. Has been working fine for the last two days, but she doesn't trust it anymore. -
Turn the key, all lights, gauges, radio work, get a click, but no engine turn over. After trying many times, it will eventually turn over and start. Has been happening off and on for a few years. -
This is wrong sta te for us. Please remove us from your email list. Think it's all from Google ada. So sorry -
Just spent 1,200 dollars for fuel pump and new timing chain gasket and seals. Had one day now truck will not start, no crank lights on dash but will not crank. Happened on and off for the 9 years i have had truck ! Always started after a while. Not looking good now. Looks like tow back to dealership again. Might be my last dodge. Very disappointed! -
Had been told this but it says that static elect. will make car key lose its memory, so start with what....UHH!! the key -
They've replace the wcm 3 time and still have to remove battery cable and reset. All I get is clicks when trying to start, the red light flashing no dome light. I know it won't start if there is no dome lights come on. -
replace with new wcm -
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