Locked ignition on 2003 Mercedes-Benz E320

I was ready to start the car, put the key in the ignition and it would not turn. The car will not turn on at all.

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your MB does not use a conventional metal ignition key, so there is nothing to lubricate. it is an electronic transponder and either it works or it doesn't. your key
may have failed internally. try your extra key first.
if you don't have another key; order one from the dealer
before doing anything else. if the new key doesn't work,
you may have a failed EIS (about $900) and only an MB dealer or an MB specialty shop can install it.
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Has the steering "locked" try rocking the steering wheel as you engage the ignition key to the start position. If the key just won't turn in the lock try another key or try lock lubricant in the lock to see if it aids starting the car. If the key turns but the car won't crank over the ignition circuit needs to be investigated to see if it gets and transfers power to the starter.ignition circuit ect....