Lock System: Car will not open in winter on 1994 Oldsmobile Cutlass Ciera

My cutlass is refusing to let me into the car after a blizzard last night and through today. I can get into the trunk with the key. I have been trying to open it by unlocking it with the key and have tried the key/lighter trick, warming the lock with a hair dryer, and using de-icer but nothing seems to be working. I was wondering if it is a problem with the lock system malfunctioning or something related to the weather. The key will go in the slot but it will not turn all the way to unlock the car.

It sounds like the locks are moisture laden and frozen if you cant turn the drivers side door lock try the other side.Also,if the handle seems to open the latch then the rubber seals are frozento the door faceings.Try silicone spray on both surfaces.
in order to open the door without causing damage to the seals when they are frozen up like this... I use hot tap water and I am in and no damage !
a small ceramic heater on the passangers floor ... plugged in about an hour before you go outside to leave is cool too! Just dont forget to unplug it
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Good question. I am having the same trouble with a 94 Cutlass I was wondering if the motor actuator could be acting up due to the weather. Let me know if you find the answer and I will do likewise.
I found out the problem with my car was the sealing around the doors and specifically the locks were leaking allowing water to freeze inside of the lock and force it shut, after the weather got above freezing it corrected itself but i had a mechanic look at it and he said it was the plastic surrounding the doors