lock cylinder relearn process while keeping the aftermarket remote starter. on 2002 Pontiac Grand Prix

installed a new lock cylinder and went thru the 10 minute relearn process 3 times...after a couple tries the car would start and stay running but the security light would flash for 10 minutes and then go out. Several days later it reverted back to starting and then cutting out after 2 seconds. Tried the relearn process again but it wouldn't stay running. out of curiosity i tried my remote starter and the car stayed running so it was operable to get it to a gm dealer. The dealer is now saying it shows a code 2960 and they want to replace the theft deterant module and cut out my remote starter...I never had any issues out side of my key sticking in the ignition hence the replacement of the lock cylinder. Is there a way a dealer can clear the code and reprogram the new lock cylinder with out chopping up my remote starter and replacing the theft deterant as i believe there is nothing wrong with module? any other suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

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