Location & replacement of Flasher switch for turn signals. on 2000 Chevrolet Impala

I have a 2000 Chev Impala LS. My turn signals intermittently do not work. I drive a few blocks and they begin to work again. Is it my flasher or hazard switch.
Where is the flasher for turn signals located? How do I replace the flasher switch?

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The turn signal flasher for your 2000 Chevrolet Impala is part of the hazard switch. You must remove the instrument panel trim piece where the hazard switch is mounted in order to replace it.
The turn signal flasher is a separate unit. I can access the hazard switch without removing the trim piece. I believe that the flasher unit is located to the left of the steering column.
Is your hazard switch a 1 inch square unit about 3 inches long with the electrical connector in the rear?
Thanks for the reply. The hazard switch is to the right of the steering column with a red icon on it. The flasher unit on a diagram I obtained from the Chev dealer shows a separate switch for the flasher unit; located on the left side of the steering column.
NAPA has the flasher unit for $15.00, part # EP28. The hazard switch cost about $50.00 at NAPA. The NAPA technician suggested changing the flasher switch for $15,then if problem still persists to change the hazard switch.
I can access the hazard switch without removing the trim piece.
Please let me know what you find out. It looks to me like the NAPA information may be wrong. The wiring diagrams I am looking at show the flasher unit as part of the hazard switch, mounted on the dash just to the right of the steering wheel. The GM part number for this switch is 10359031, it should cost about $50.
The diagrams I have are from the Chevy dealer. One diagram shows the flasher, and the other diagram shows the hazard switch. The cost for the hazard switch at the local Chevy dealer is $95.00 plus tax. It cost $50.00 at a NAPA dealer. I obtained these diagrams from the Chevy dealer on April 7,2011. Flasher unit from NAPA is $15.00, part # EP 28.The flasher diagram is dated 10/15/2001. The hazard switch is dated 07/26/2005.
Thanks again for responding!

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I am trying to help you here, trust me just change the emergency light switch, that will fix the issue, I went through this for 2 months, trying to find the right solution, not wanting to purchase the 50 dollar part, the diagram you were shown is either right or not but i do not care, i guarantee the emergency switch will work.
Just go to a junkyard, tear that piece off an impala that matches, and you'll walk away with a 10 dollar job instead of 50.