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1992 Ford Taurus Question: location of neutral safety switch

Where do I find the location of the neutral safety switch for repair -
Answer 1
The switch is on top of the transmission, here are the instructions. 1. Make sure the shift selector in the Park position, then apply the emergency brake. 2. Disconnect the negative battery cable. 3. Disengage the neutral start switch electrical connector, then remove the shift control lever on top of the switch. 4. Remove the two neutral switch attaching bolts, then remove the switch. 5. Install the switch on the manual shaft. 6. Loosely install the two attaching bolts and washers. 7. Insert a No. 43 drill (0.089 in.) through the hole. 8. Tighten the attaching bolts to 7-9 ft. lbs. (9-12 Nm), then remove the drill. 9. Engage the switch electrical connector, then connect the negative battery cable. -
Answer 2
where is the safty neutral located on a 1996 honda civic -
Answer 3
on a bmw 323i 2door how to replace nuetral safety switch -
Answer 4
it's not under the shifter of the 2000 323i -
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