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1994 Chevrolet Caprice Question: Location of heater control valve on 1994 chevy caprice classic 4.3 V8

I replaced water pump, thermostat and coolant. I have little but some heat. blower works fine just minor heat coming from the blower. in heat mode and also in defrost -
Answer 1
Follow heater hoses you will find it. -
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Inside cab?? Or under hood? The parts store gave me one. that looks nothing like anything I've found yet -
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Under the hood on passenger side near firewall at the black ac/heater box. Heater hose on each end of the valve and small vacuum hose hooked to it as well. NAPA part # BK 6601232. 3 heater hose ports, 1 vacuum port. Ok Mike, if it has no valve it has been removed and is not the problem with little heat. Possible heater core restriction try flushing core with air and water, check youtube. Come warm weather it may affect ac performance without the valve though. -
Answer 2
Should be on back firewall area passenger side. -
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I followed hoses from water pump all the way to the firewall. didn't see any valve. hose run directly to firewall -
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I checked autozone website and lists 2 possibilities. One 3 port and one in/out valve. Not sure from here should have one of 2 ? -