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1999 Ford Taurus Question: location of fuel filter

Where is the fuel (gas) filter located? Thanks! -
Answer 1
The Fuel Filter is located under the vehicle, below seating area of passenger side of fuel tank. It is mounted on frame in fuel line. -
Answer 2
where is my gas filter on a 1990 jetta volkswagon -
Answer 3
my 1990 jetta volkswagon almost stalls at a red light, any suggestioins? -
Answer 4
Try going to http://repairpal.com/car_types and click on the blue bottom "Ask Your Question" about your 1990 Jetta Volkswagen. -
Answer 5
the filter is behind the back passenger tire coming off of the gas tank. you cant miss it. it is almost the size of a drink can. -
Answer 6
i do not know -
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Where is the fuel filter location?
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