location of fuel filter on 1992 Honda Accord

engine starts and slowly shuts off after 5 seconds. I need to check fuel filters but I had a problem locating them.

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'92 Accord fuel filter is on the fire wall, though I am not convinced that is the root cause of your problem. Don't rule out a defective ignition switch, very common problem on this vintage Accord. Try jiggling your key in the switch and see if the car dies.
Thanks, I'll try it. thank you. I'll let you know if it works.

It worked, I used my spare key without anything attached to it to lessen the wieght on the ignition. It started up without dying. thanks.
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it under hood
I got it started by jiggling the key on the ignition switch. But thanks for the info, in case i do need to check the fuel filter. thanks