location of crankshaft position sensor on 1997 Mercedes-Benz E320

Hi Guys

I have a 1997 Mercedes 320E - L 6 Cyl - and very first time I got a problem with it - more specific yesterday while driving I sensed that the engine was running rough. On idling the engine is shaking (not vibrating) No knocking or unusual sounds from the engine. It starts normally.
I suspect an ignition module or spark plug is gone.

However with this ocassion I wanna change the CPS before it'll die on me when I expect the less. I've noticed a slight RPM oscillation on idling before I got in trouble with the ignition problem described above.
I'd like to know the location of CPS.


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the crank sensor is located on the left side of the trans where the block and trans mate together.easily accessed when car is on lift. North Pointe Motors.
Thank you
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