1999 Cadillac DeVille Q&A

1999 Cadillac DeVille Question: location of blower motor resistor

I need to know where the resister is located. -
Answer 1
should be inside the motor itself -
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The heater blower motor will not work, I have replaced the motor with a new one and it ran for a while, now it won't work. Is there a resistor or something and where is it located?
is the resistor on the blower motor it self or is it under the glove
No blower motor blowing air through vents or heater or a/c. Bought the module for 1998 Caddy, and it didn't work either. checked all fuses they were good. This is my only issue with my Caddy.
the blower does not work so i put a new one in and it doesn't work. a friend said it may be the resistor pack.
It might stay off for a few minutes or a few hours then it will come back on.Somestimes it will work when I first crank the car then cut off and stay off a while.It works on high or low when it works.