location of air compressor for air ride system on 1998 Lincoln Mark VIII

Where is it located and where can I find directions on how to replace it.

by in Modesto, CA on February 14, 2009
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ANSWER by on February 16, 2009
This is a great aftermarket company that specializes in air suspension http://www.strutmasters.com/catalog.php?cat=15 They should be able to help.
ANSWER by on February 17, 2009
This site has detailed instructions for all aspects of the Lincoln air suspension including how to find and change your compressor. http://www.americanairsuspension.com/
ANSWER by on November 30, 2009
I have a 1995 mark viii and the compressor is located under the right front headlight. Bumper must be removed to get to it. I assume the 1998 is the same. I am replacing mine as we speak.
COMMENT by on June 14, 2014
My 1998 Mark VIII is not raising. I believe either the air compressor or the pump has gone. When vehicle starts a light on the dash appears. Looks like a tire. Also a horrible noise occurs when the vehicle is started instead the nice calmer noise it usually makes when the air suspension is rising. Was thing happening to your Lincoln? If not do you know what this could be?
ANSWER by on February 26, 2010
My best advice to you would be to replace your air ride suspension with a more reliable and cheaper alternative . Check out strutmasters.com i believe you can change your whole airride system with more reliable conversion kit for under 500 dollars . Just changed mine with strutmasters conversion kit and am now enjoying a better ride . The kit and installation cost was under 700 bucks . Checkem out , hope this helps
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