Location of A/C Drain lines on 2007 Lexus IS250

Need location of A/C drain lines. Not knowing how this site worked, my previous attempt of getting an answer would have been slim to none because it doesn't show enerything. Anyway, the dealer said they were cleaned out but after driving home (about 70 miles) it was quite wet. I assumed thay had dried it, but that's my fault. Any help is appreciated. Thanks in advance, Pat

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debris in the evap case clogs up the drain hole. if it blocked up again, then the case will have to be removed and cleaned out of all debris. not a cheap fix.

Thank you Roy but I have one more small question if u don't mind. Is there a drain line or 2 that I can check to be sure that they are clean or that the dealership cleaned out like they said. They said it was not under warranty and I have a bumper to bumper warranty, so if the core is getting blocked up, it should be covered. I'll take that up with them, I just want to make sure the hoses are clear before I go back and tell them that it has to be something else. Thank you so much in advance, Pat
there is only 1 drain hose. it blocks up from leaves and such going down around the winshield and collecting in the evap case. that is not a manufacture issue, it is a customer issue. i think you will loose on this one with warranty.
i do not believe you can tell if they did anything. we remove what we can with a coat hanger and use a air blow tip to keep moving the stuff toward the drain hole. there is no evidence of them being there.

Roy, Thank you so so much for answering question number two. You guys do us a great service. i got it now. it's fixed !!!!!!!!!!