location of a.c. air filter on 1992 Pontiac Bonneville

weak air flo from a.c. vents

by in Peoria, IL on June 23, 2009
3 answers
ANSWER by on June 23, 2009
The 1992 Bonneville doesn't use a cabin air filter. Ensure there is no debris or leaves in the area around the windscreen wiper panel.
ANSWER by on July 27, 2009
Had one of these loved it traded on 2k ssei wish i still had it. your problem isa leaking evaporator-it gets coatedw/ a/c oil which traps al the dust and dirt if you remove the blower motor resistor you can clean it w/brakeclean and shop air or a small brush.
ANSWER by on June 15, 2010
I took off the blower motor, and got a long nose air blower on my compressor, and stuck it in there, and blew it out...helped...stuff on the windsheild/hood gets sucked in there...

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