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2002 Chevrolet Avalanche 2500 Question: loading up with fuel. Fuel pressure reg??

When the truck is warmed up and the weather is HOT outside, it seems to load up with fuel. it pops and "backfires" when accelrating until it "cleans itself up" then will run fine until idling again then it starts all over again. NOW when the weather is a little cooler outside it doesnt seem to do it as much. I was told I should take a look at the Fuel pressure regulator. Does this sound like it may be the problem?? and if so, is there any way to check it?? THANKS!!! -
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Any codes? 8.1L engine right? Scanner with live data is a must here. Cold eng. CTS reading = ambient temp.? -
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I don't have that kind of scanner.... The scanner I do have does not give any codes -
Answer 2
possibly a 8.1L since its a 3/4 ton trk.ck fuel pressure it should be 56/62 lbs if you have more than that suspect regulator -
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Don't have a fuel pressure gauge either.... if the regulator fails, could it give TOO much pressure? -
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yes thats what i posted for you. seek a diag and est for repairs -
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Well I went ahead and changed the fuel pressure reg. and no change. a better description of the problem would be it "stumbles" when accelerating. does that make more sense? I did, about 3 months ago change the fuel pump and filter. the problem was happening back then as well (just before the pump failed) but now it seems to be getting worse. Im not getting any DTC codes. In your opinion what would be the next part I might consider. I genuinely appreciate your help with this. I just moved and don't know of any reputable shops around here. THANK-YOU -
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Ask around or find a shop you like it will save you some bucks. Just throwing parts on it can go on a long time and cost way more money than, as stated in other answers, having it tested by a mechanic. All we can do on this site is guess at the problem and the odds are we will not guess the right thing. A "mechanic" that can look, listen, smell, feel and with knowledge/experience can fix it and be done with it! (If only we could test drive them!!) -
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Cool!! I will just have to figure out whos any good. My last mechanic spoiled me!! Thanks for your replies though!! -