load buzzing noise on 1997 Ford Mustang

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i just bought, a 1997 ford mustang (5 speed) from a dealer, only had it 3 days now. anyway, my 2nd day riding around in it i started to hear a buzzing in 2nd gear, it's become loader and is now doing it in 1st,3rd, and 5th. i'm really worried as i feel this may cause major damage to the car itself. I didn't hear the sounds when test driving, they even said they had placed the transmisson, and cluch. HELP
(1) Answer
It may be an exhaust heat shield or something minor that got displaced when the clutch was replaced but it's hard to say without being able to drive the car and hearing the noise first hand. Did you have a pre-purchase inspection done, bring it to third part (preferably a auto repair shop with Ford experience) and get a general inspection done.