little or no heat in cabin on Ford F-150

Average mileage: 171,895 (46,000–1,431,540)
15 model years affected: 1993, 1997, 1998, 1999, more2000, 2001, 2002, 2003, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2014
87 people reported this problem
61 people shared problem details
Turned on heater and got cold air. set it to 90 and the the temp guage got to half and only got a small amount of heat. vehicle started to have windows fog had to turn on A/C to clear them. It was working fine just two days ago last time used.
1999 Ford F-150112,000
I'm only getting minimal heat. It's full of antifreeze, thermostat works fine & system holds pressure. It was ½ gal. low on antifreeze when serviced before winter. All the hoses are hot & the guage moves showing center between H & C after warming up.
1999 Ford F-150170,000
My heat wrks only a luke warm to cold temp then after warm up turns cold ..i flushed system an problems..but still no heat knob not broken..and still no heat wrks great..
2005 Ford F-150164,000
Everything works fine except when I switch it to heat, it blows cold air
2003 Ford F-15085,000
On heat. Only cool air.
2010 Ford F-15068,000
Air blows cold, but when switched to heat, nothing but cold air comes out?
2007 Ford F-15055,000
Littel heat in cabin
my truck wont give me heat only cold air I check for leaks in cab no leaks anybody got any answer for this
2003 Ford F-150220,000
It's starting to get cold and I turn heater on and cold air comes out.
2001 Ford F-150194,000
Truck warms up you can feel heat when you put the fan on it gets cold
i had the same issue in my truck which is a super cab xlt WITHOUT dual climate controls. all of a sudden one chilly morning on the way to church, no heat at all. mine turned out to be the blend door actuator. dealer item in stock, cost me around $14, the part was cheap because they sell a ton of them. i changed it my self and it took me around 3 hours because i'm a carpenter not a mechanic
2010 Ford F-15057,000
No heat in cabin
No heat for several weeks and now egine starting to overheat
2003 Ford F-150179,000
there is no water going through heater hoses therefore heater is not working
2010 Ford F-15073,000
no heat coming from heater. blower works and temps in line with normal
1999 Ford F-15080,000
little or no heat
2003 Ford F-150200,000
No heat blowing
When turn on heat it blows cold air out
2005 Ford F-150130,000
Heater is blow cold to Luke warm air
2001 Ford F-150160,000
Air blows no heat
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