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Lindan Auto Mechanical & Body
December 31, 2012

They did body work on my classic Chevy when I was in college. I trusted since they were recommended by my highschool shop teacher. When I returned from college and had time to start working on the car, I started noticing alot of issues. The tickets were welded uneven side to side, the quarter was welded with a thick butt weld instead of pinch welds and sat low. The body was shifted over an inch and three quarters, the door gaps were uneven, the seam sealer was mixed wrong and never set, they didn't remove the wax coating on the rockers and the primer was peeling off, the undercoating was mixed wrong and applied to thick and never dried could be wiped off with my finger (it was por15), and the floors were welded in in the wrong spoys so the subframe didn't fit. I brought this to the byir attention and they installed my subframe by pulling it in putting the bolts in then jacking it apart. I told t pricehen the body needed to be fixed. They brought it over from the shop I had it at down the street to have experts look at it. I had three opinions that the body was wrong and needed to be redone. They insisted it was the suspension and the rear and so forth. So I let then change it all to prove it wasn't. Nothing fixed it and many months later Danny called me telling me I had to get my car out of his shop. It was just long enough to put me out of the time frame to sue for damages. Their excuse was I didn't pay got quality work and their work was on par with the amount paid. It will now cost me over 15 k to fix my body. On top of that they never bolted my socks nack on on the rear of the car and ruined my new billet wheels. Do yourself a favor and avoid this shop. Juan knew it was wrong bit Danny only cares about money and not you.

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Lindan Auto Mechanical & Body
December 07, 2010

I thought that Linden was an honest repair shop...until I took my car there. I paid $832 for them to change 3 motor mounts, replace a tire rod, and flush my transmission fluid.
After taking my car home, we noticed a large amount of transmission fluid leaking for the car, and on top of that, a pool of radiator fluid. Linden's mechanics left the radiator cap off. We called them on Friday about the leaking transmissions, they said they would take a look at it if we could bring it in the next day - they told us they opened at 7:30am. We got there at 7:30, waited until 7:50, and finally realized that they aren't open on Saturday. What a waste of time!
The next week, finally got the car back to them and they said that the seals are leaking and will cost more than $300 to repair. They said they documented that they were "seeping" before they flushed the transmission. However, they never told us this. A mechanic friend of ours said that they never should have changed the fluid after they saw that it was already seeping, they should have known that this would ruin the seals.
They also claim that they documented this seeping 4 years ago when I had my car in their shop for an oil change - however, they never once mentioned this until they told us we need to pay them to fix it!
I am incredibly unhappy with their repairs, I feel that they have caused damage to my car and will not take responsibility for it. I will never go there again!

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