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Lincoln MKZ Hybrid Questions

What causes the huge plume of white smoke from the car upon acceleration. (1 answer)

Upon strong acceleration, a huge plume of white smoke is emitted from the car. Following the plume, the cabin air smells toxic.

How do you reset the Oil Monitor percentage in the instrument cluster? (1 answer)

I recently had my oil/filter changed at an authorized dealer. When I returned home, I ran the diagnostic screen in the cluster and found that it had not been reset. When I tried to follow what the owners manual told me to do, the value would not change. Thanks for any help.

Why does the radio sound disappear at times? (1 answer)

At times when the car starts with either the radio on or off there is no sound and it will not appear if the radio was off and then turned on or if the radio is turned off and on. It will often then appear the next time the car is used.

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