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It was working fine then quit but would come on after 5-6 min. and continue cooling. The clutch relay was replaced and now it doesn't cool at all.
battery light came on- I added water to battery- battery light came back on - next day no light is on but I went to auto zone who said battery and alternator are ok, but I am worried about driving it
key fobs have correct numbers, good batteries, but will not work
This caused the message center display, radio, and temp. display to go off. Message center will come when started but immediately goes off. checked fuses under dash and under hood, all checked o.k. What is happen...
It is in the neck of the top of the engine where the black hose puts water into what looks like a neck and is not the top gasket but the next one down? I can see the water shooting out. There are two bolts on top and ...
Check all doors, fluid in washer reservoir.doors does not lock while driving. Previously locked once in drive. Presses lock button & it will lock & unlock immediately.
Where is Mega Fuse? I couldn't find Solenoid to jump start. I wiggled each relay and finally it clicked a little and dimmed dash lights when key is turned,but that's all. Ran fine 'til now.
Have right front spring sag, Have two new springs, Looks to be spring over shock system and need not to drop A frame. How many hours and cost to replace both front springs.