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The check engine light is on as well. I have had it checked and was told it was the oxygen sensor. I didnt think that would cause the oil light to come on as well. Sometimes it is while ideling other times when dr...
my engine light is on and my scaner said i have miss fire #6 & #8 cylinder code:0308
any number on the keypad will turn the light on.
Originally I had a code "misfire #7". I had blown a spark plug on cyl #3 3 months earlier. I replaced all of the plugs and when replacing the coils and injectors I moved the injectors right and the coils left hoping t...
The fan will run till it kills the battery.
I have an 03 Lincoln signature and the wash motor stays running when i turn ony lights. i filled the jug(empty but motor ran)and it spayed but wouldn't stop unless i turn the lights tho off or automatic. i tried pushi...
Engine light is not on. Is this a muffler issue or something else?
Every time I take the keys from the ignition the seat makes noise
a few months ago the trunk stopped going all the way up and down like it used to when using the button on the door or the key fob and now in order to open it I have to use a key but the motor still doesn't move it up ...
Code is not where the manual says to look. How can I get the code?
car anti-theft alarm engages while driving which makes the car shut off and will not restart?