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A week ago I smelled what seemed to be electrical wires burning. Couldn't pin point it. Couple days later my heating and cooling went. it just shut off in my dashboard. which led me to think it was a short. There has ...
We had the "water in the passenger back floor problem" (the same as others indicate). In the fixing, we believe the repair shop damaged our outside air temperature sensor (OAT). Since then our OAT consistently reads...
Theater core not stopetup. Can I pull codes for havoc.
motor off for about an hour, restart & the a/c works well again for about an hour then blows warm air. My compressor is new.
My issue is my Fat Ride only has 30,190 miles and runs fine. Do I still replace the plugs and wires strictly from age vice mileage? Regards Paul
is it the same procedure as removing the right valve cover?
I am looking to buy Coil igniton but I new like OE which best to buy?
Mechanic says manifolds AlWAYS break when their taken off to replace pipe. Is this true? please help. Doesn't sound right to me. I know they give up front under heavy load. But Cracking when removed?
I want to buy Heater Control Valve please could you tell me the website where to buy? Thanks
How do i know? It seems not as strong as before and what is the cooling fan high speed fuse relay for?
I think i dont have a high speed cooling fan after they replased it.
what noise does the air filter make when not working?