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Unanswered 2000 Lincoln Town Car Questions

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Started running loud and bad and oil light was coming on and going off what could have happenef?
Overdrive button works on/off when car is off but when car is turned of light flashes O/D off. Checked the tranny fluid and fuses they are good.
and when it do the car hesitates to drive cuts off . but this only occurs when the trac light comes on
Neither dashboard controls, nor steering wheel controls work to change the speed.
We thought it was the sunroof, and someone attempted to seal it, but it keeps flooding the back passenger floorboard when it rains. I had mold developing and I just attacked that issue. What is my next step?
It sound like something is flapping or a fan is hitting something. You will not hear it until you are driving 50 PLUS MPH.
air conditioner I don't get any cold air even after I filled with r-34 can I have a bad compressor ? My van kicks on when air is working but this car don't
car aceleration up, down,cut power ,when i drive by any bump,the car turn off,please help