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Car sat idle for 6 yrs and front calipers were in op. New calipers along with new pads for from and new pads only on rear..
turned off checked antifreeze it had none,had too much eng/oiln ground from battery to body was cut cranks but wont turn over.it all started when tranny wouldnt go into overdrive
I didnt have this problem until my lower ball joint broke replace the ball joint my car started to lean and ride with a wobble
When driving and more so when making turns, the front suspension makes squeaky noises and every once in a while, it will make a thumping noise when anyone gets out of it. It doesn't do it all the time, but once it st...
yesterday it would not start and checked again today and still won't start
What are the largest passenger tires I can put on a 98 ford explorer and still get a quiet, smooth ride. It has large truck tires on it now but is extremely noisy and I believe I am going to have to replace some whee...
Hey ProfessorG...Is there good instructions somewhere or maybe something on You Tube
My driver's side and left rear door power window will not go down. Motor runs but nothing happens.
I have the proper things to charge the AC bit don't know what hole it goes into lol
I am leaking coolant between the engine and transmission. I suspect that it is the hose that comes from the heater core underneath the intake manifold to the water pump. How hard is it to change and also what would ...
At normal highway speeds the noise is gone, but the slower I drive the louder it becomes, at its worst at a dead standstill. The steering works okay except for the noise, which sounds like one part rubbing against ano...
my car had been heating up sometimes and then i started to hear a noise in the engine like a clicking and a few days later i was driving and the wheel got hard and just stopped working i got off and lifted the hood an...
i have no hazard or signal lights
i have no hazard or signal lights