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Just had to purchase the lower and upper ball joints, and sway bar link on both sides. My question is how do I screw down the lower ball joint nut if the ball joint keeps turning? Is there a special tool i'm suppose...
i purchased a 1996 lincoln town car 6 years ago, recently my transmission started vibrating the car when shifting gears under acceleration, upon inspection of the fluid I've noticed the fluid is over full (I've never ...
I have a 1996 town car with a left rear broken axle. Will a axle from a 1995 town car work.
how do you replace the heater core
The abs light comes on and sometimes stays on.
need to find a rear end that is compatible to 96 Lin. town car Limo
I need to know if there is a compatible rear end that will work on my 96 limo
Engine light comes on and book says it may be gas cap, so we take it off and re-install it and in about 3 to 4 days light goes off. Should we replace the gas cap? it has happened twice.
how can I orogram keyless remote control for my town car 1996
how do you change a manifold
inside heat/cooling blows very hot air only. compressor is coming on,doesn't seem to be a problem. I do hear some sort of doors opening and closing.
do you have to get a front end alignment when you have the ball joint replaced on the front drivers side?
Oil pan needs to be replaced, is this something I can do once being a mechanic.?
where is the heater blower door located on the car