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Recently had recall repair done on speed control switch. Since then the speedometer began to randomly stop working. I first noticed on a couple of occasions that when I began driving after a complete stop that it took a few seconds for speed to start reading. Yesterday while driving a distance of 30-35 miles speedometer would randomly read 0 then after several minutes it would read correctly but then quickly go back to 0. This happened several times in that one trip.

new cat converter,throttle position sen,air filterand cleaned throttle has power just a really rough idle to point I have to put in netrual.i use premium gas and put stp fuel conditioner rich gas smell.could a throttle body get dirty that fast?does'nt explain check engine light.thanks for the last fix professor.please help

We have have changed the brake pads and rotor about 2 weeks ago. ABS just came on.

An exhaust pipe has blown a large hole, (sounds like the middle or the front, not the back) causing loud & horrible noise. Just trying to find out an average cost so I can help my Mom get her car fixed w/o being overcharged as she has been in the past.

How difficult is it to adjust a door,as mine doesn't close properly and I have to put inward pressure to open door as I'm afraid its going to break the locking mechanism.door hasn't been slammed I'm very particular.It started the day after I had electric window regulator replaced.I had to take it back cause window was binding after new install,they stated it was nothing to do with their work.Of course.It's as if someone leaned across my door putting excess weight on it.It's one thing after another since I've lost my real mechanic and have to deal with so called aaa rated shops.As I said I'm particular,not petty and I'm not giving these people counterfeit money.Boggles my mind.

or throttle bore injection 4.6l.where are the sparkplugs too?? hope these aren't dumb questions.

baqck up no problem.all emissions parts replaced and car,all O2 sensors replaced.I burn hightest gas too.someone said it may be throttle control sensor??plenty of power although valves rattle on low end takeoff.
stalling occurs at least once a day,but then it starts right back up.??

all over the road.does'nt appear to be visible damage to other steering are towed outward and I hear clicking noise when turning or going over small bumps.I know I need to have f/e alignment just trying to figure out if I need to replace something else before having it done.

Been looking but can't find it. Blower motor is on the right side of firewall.

So yesterday I am driving home when I start noticing my radio starts resetting when I would release the gas to step on the break, I figured maybe a wire had come loose since this was an aftermarked radio. However when I got home and shut the car off my entire electrical system went dead. I had to play with the ignition for a few seconds before it came on again. Going to work today, the same thing happened. Any idea what could be causing this?

windshield fog up when not running air can smell antifreeze

smell antifreeze windshield fog up


my car wont turn over 1996 Lincoln town car

all ready replaced feul pump altinator intak gasket o2 sensors plug and wires.