Just noticed that my 95 town car is leaking a small amount of coolant. Looks like the coolant is coming from the water pump. This this something that is very hard to change out myself.Thanks.


My mothers '95 Lincoln Town cars pump for air bags not working, i replaced a 30A fuse under hood by battery only to have it blown again and again....pump works for 10seconds then blows fuse....??? please help!

What would cause me to not get feul to the injected rail other than a bad pump, 1995 Lincoln town car. It cranked over and over but wouldn't start, checked pressure release valve on feul rail, nothing, no air no feul, sat for 2 days and started up! Drove for 2 days and the same problem occured, cranked but won't start feul rail empty????I even switched relays with another of same type and no luck,the fuse is also good???

What could cause me to not get feul to the feul rail other than the feul pump being bad?

need to change the water pump on a 95 lincoln it went out and my cars overheating

air suspension not rising

turning a sharp left when applying the brakes. a "sputtering noise" is heard and felt.

speed control does not operate

car running hot.water in oil.

How much to replace rear main seal on 95 Lincoln town car

I have had a coil pack put on for the missing. It was
ok for a little while and now it is back jerking again. I
took it out and ran it for a while to see if that is what it needed. The man put a used one in. Maybe it was bad do you think?

this started saturday for the first time

It will start blowing cold air and then warm comes out.

About a month or so ago, I went out to start my car. Never had any major problems before. It just turned and turned but wouldn't start. Plenty of fire in the battery and there was plenty of gasoline. After a few minutes of sitting, I tried again and it started. A few weeks ago, it did the same thing again... this time, I waited about ten minutes or so and it started with no further problems. Since that time its done the same thing again... today, it did it and I haven't been able to get it to start all day. It runs fine... smooth, etc. So, I'm not sure what the problem might be. The battery is fine and there is fuel in the gas tank... about a fourth.