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felt in steering wheel as well the body
replaced the control module with no change in condition. The light indicator show it has been switch, but the air still comes out of the defroster. Not very effective for air conditioning. Are we looking at the main...
All the time on delay but works all The time
There does not seem to be an option to select Heater hoses vs. radiator hoses to see estimates, so wondering what I should expect to pay for the radiator and heater hoses. I am being quoted $1,021 which seems excessiv...
i waited 5 to 10 minute started again it started but i have to kept doing again and again
I need to know if you can purchase just the plastic "lift-rod" part of the gear shifter. The top of it broke off and I have to manually push it in to put the vehicle in gear. I need to know what this is called and p...
Trucks bounces up and down I think it might be the air suspension. How much does it cost to fix and is there an alternitive replacement part.
light comes on , says check charging system. change alternator and battery terminals. What do I do? Also door ajar light comes on. all doors all locked while driving.
airbag light blinks 3 times after a few second blink 3 more times after doing this ten times light stay on