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The rear end of the truck drops down hard now after taking out of the shop. Can this be fixed?
Seems to happen at same temp on gauge every time,and will not restart for at least 30 minutes and then it will happen again either immediately or 1/2 a mile down the road,check engine light was on but reset it and has...
Upon starting, pass. side turn signal and brake light work. After that nothing. Is finding the cause extensive?
I switch the knob while in neutral back to 2wd but nothing happens. While driving in 4 wheel it jerks like driving a 5 speed and makes weird noise
When I step on the gas pedal the truck makes a sound on the 4x4.
non of the monitors are complete so i don't know what to do
I have a 99 navigator and the 4x4 light stays on. I had it tested and it show a p1838 code. How do I go about fixing that. Everything shifts out and drives fine.
were is the AC recharge valvue located
went outside to get in my lincoln turned over the key and went to put in drive will not go in drive but i have park and reverse! help!